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How do I use the phone/beeper search?

The Communications Phone and Beeper list search is relatively simple and has a few options.

First select the data you want to search from the following list:

Shands Phone List 
   (includes Shands and HSC Personnel, Departments, and Beeper list)
   (The personnel information here is a download from CHRIS and 
     may be slightly out of sync with the personnel data - up to 24 hours.
     For the latest personnel information use the next data set.)
Personnel Search (CHRIS)
   (This is all the Shands and UF/HSC personnel and includes all the personnel info
    available to you.  This will include department, department phone and the individual
    information may include box numbers, cost centers, email, pagers and phone numbers.
    This is a live lookup into the CHRIS data and 
     changes are real-time.)
Shands Departments
Shands Department Heads
Shands Homecare Contacts List
Shands Clinics
Shands Personnel List
Shands Beeper List
Once you have selected the data to search you should enter a search string in the box. This search string varies depending on what you are searching for, obviously, but has some standard rules:

  • It is not case sensitive.
  • You must type the search string exactly as it appears in the data.
  • Less is probably better than more if you are having problems.
  • You can search for just a single space (blank) to get the entire data set.
  • You can search for anything in the data, like FAX to get a list of fax numbers.
  • You can search for your department phone number to get a list of everyone with your phone number.

Beeper numbers are in the middle of the data on a single line, home phone numbers are on the same line but a bit to the right of all other numbers

A few examples are probably necessary.

A search using the "Shands Phone/Beeper list" for "Preston" returned:

Preston,Angie Mrs.        EXT:42365               SH DEPT:2659016       
Preston,Carol Mrs.        EXT:50042               SH DEPT:2650092       
PRESTON,LAUREL MS.        EXT:                    HC DEPT:392-5874      
Preston,Louise Mrs.       EXT:163                 SH DEPT:9043682360    
Preston,Louise Mrs.             PG1:9647920#0517n           HM:CALL OPER
Preston,Marilyn Ms.       EXT:na                  SH DEPT:3387181       
PRESTON,RENAE Ms.         EXT:                    HC DEPT:3923451       
Preston,Renae Ms.           EYE PG1:3523935098n             HM:CALL OPER
Preston,Russell           EXT:                    SH DEPT:2650042       
Preston,Scott Mr.         EXT:5-0306              SH DEPT:3522650056    
Preston,Scott Mr.           EGR PG1:1006a                   HM:CALL OPER
You can see the Shands personnel entires- mixed case name with EXT: and DEPT:, Health Center entries (all uppercase names), and the beeper numbers (located in the middle of the data with a )the department code, PG1 (pager1) PG2 (secondary pager) and a Home (HM) phone staggered to the right.

This format may change but the basic idea will be similar.

If I wanted a list of FAX numbers out of the phone list I would simply enter FAX as the search string and get the following (partial):

Accounting Services - Fax                                     265-7966  
Admissions - Administration - Fax                             265-0363  
Admissions - Discharge - Fax                                  265-0363  
Anatomical Board - Fax                                        392-3940  
Anatomical Pathology Lab - Fax                                338-9889  
Anatomy & Cell Biology - Fax                                  392-3305  
Anesthesia - Admin & Fiscal Offices - Fax                     265-8013  
Anesthesia - Chairman's Office - Fax                          392-6464  
Anesthesia - Critical Care Medicine - Fax                     338-9861  
Anesthesia - Faculty Offices - 5th Floor - Fax                392-7029  
Anesthesia - Pediatric Critical Care Medicine - Fax           265-0443  
Anesthesia - Preoperative Clinic - Fax                        338-9880  
Anesthesia - Residents Office - Fax                           265-6922  
Anesthesiology Physicians - Fax                               338-9880  
Assoc. VP - Clinical Affairs - Fax                            392-6482  
Assoc. VP - Finance & Operations - Fax                        392-9395  
Assoc. VP - Health for External Relations - Fax               846-0242  
Assoc. VP - Research & Academic Support - Fax                 392-9395  
Autism, Center for - Fax                                      846-0941  
Bed Control - Fax                                             265-0269  
Benefits - Fax                                                338-9807  

If I wanted to find everyone with the phone number 265-0056 and wanted cover really all the options (395-0056, 5-0056, 50056 included) I would just search for "0056" since I don't know whether there is always a dash typed in by the people. The search for 0056 would return the following (partial):

Adkins,Thomas Mr.         EXT:4-4910              SH DEPT:2650056       
Bakuzonis,Craig           EXT:44689               SH DEPT:2650056       
Bechtel,Mary Mrs.         EXT:                    SH DEPT:2650056       
Benton,Larry Mr.          EXT:5-0220              SH DEPT:3522650056    
Bianchi,Janet Mrs.        EXT:                    SH DEPT:2650056       
Bramble,Marta             EXT:                    SH DEPT:2650056       
Brunges,Barry Mr.         EXT:                    SH DEPT:2650056       
Camirand,Timothy Mr.      EXT:56969               SH DEPT:2650056       
ChegX,Jose DR.               PSY PG1:8005683684              HM:         
Cloutier,Claudia Ms.      EXT:5-6971              SH DEPT:3522650056    
Communications, Shands                                        265-0056  
Cox,Kathy Mrs.            EXT:                    SH DEPT:2650056       
You can see we got an extra with that 800 pager number since it matched 0056 in the middle.
The name was changed to protect the innocent.

How do I update a phone number?
To update your personal information such as pager, extension, office location and a variety of other information please visit the CHRIS Web site and go through a CHRIS interview. To update the number associated with your personnel records:

  - For Shands: Use CHRIS
  - For the Health Center: CHRIS to update OUR records, and contact the
      Health Science Center Personnel Office: 392-1204 to update your official records.

To update a department listing contact:

Communications Coordinator (265-0111)

To update a person's beeper number:


For non-personnel contact Cindy Barry

To update a Shands directory listing in the AT&T phonebook contact:

Natika Edwards at 265-6990


Our headset vendor is
Call One. For information, pricing and ordering you should contact Herb McMann at 1-800-749-3160. Herb knows which headsets work with our system and which pieces you need.

Voice Mail Instructions for Shands at UF

How do I request new voice mail?
How to use - Quick Reference
Call forwarding information

III. Activating Voice Mail and Receiving Messages

         Your extension number with a voice mailbox must be
         callforwarded to the voice mail system. 
         See CALL FORWARDING section.

IV. Notification of New Voice Messages

         You will be notified that you have unplayed messages
         waiting if:

         A.  You have a single-line phone:

         You will receive a "stuttered" dialtone when you pick up
         the receiver.

         B.  Your mailbox is configured on the my-line of your

              You will get a "VMM" display on the Dterm screen.

         C.  Your mailbox is configured to page when a new
              message has arrived.

         D.  Else: no notification. You must dial the Voice
              Mail system to determine if you have any messages
              waiting in your mailbox. See section VI.

Call Forwarding Procedures for Voice Mail

Call Forward/All Calls: your phone will NOT ring; ALL calls will go to Voice Mail
Call Forward/No Answer : your phone will ring approx. 5-7 times, if you do not pick up the line,
Voice Mail will answer
Call Forward/Busy Line : if your line is busy, Voice Mail will answer

You have can have any combination of the above codes activated; We suggest that you keep your line (that has the voice mailbox) CF/NA and CF/BL at ALL TIMES and activate the CF/AC forwarding as necessary.

As a convenience to your callers, you should use CF/AC when you will be away from your desk for an extended period of time (lunch hour, vacation, etc.); when you return, simply follow the cancel procedures for the CF/AC.

A. Single Line Users

 Call Forward Codes:
  Call Forward - All Calls code:0
  Call Forward - Busy Line code:1
  Call Forward - No Answer code:2

        1)      Enabling Call Forwarding
                 a)      Lift receiver and wait for dialtone
                 b)      Dial * (and respective call forward code)
                 c)      Listen for stuttered dialtone
                 d)      Enter 31400
                 e)      Tone will sound
                 f)      To enable another call-forward type,
                          return to step a

        2)      Disabling Call Forwarding
                 a)      Lift receiver
                 b)      Dial # (and respective call forward code)
                 c)      Listen for stuttered dialtone
                 d)      Tone will sound
                 e)      To disable another call-forward type,
                          return to step a

B. Dterm Users

 Call Forward Buttons:
  Call Forward - All Calls button:FWD-A
  Call Forward - Busy Line button:FWD-BY
  Call Forward - No Answer button:FWD-NA

        1)      Enabling Call Forwarding
                 a)      Lift receiver
                 b)      Press respective call forward button
                 c)      "FWD" will be displayed on dterm screen
                 d)      Enter 31400
                 e)      "FWD SET  31400" will be displayed
                 f)      Tone will sound
                 g)      To enable another call-forward type,
                          return to step a

        2)      Disabling Call Forwarding
                 a)      Lift receiver
                 b)      Press respective call forward button
                 c)      "FWD CANCEL" will be displayed
                 d)      Tone will sound


To request a new voice mailbox, please submit a work order using CHRIS.

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