Gainesville Traffic

Click this link for Gainesville and I75 traffic cams

Newberry Rd @ Ft Clarke

Newberry Rd @ Oaks Mall

Newberry Rd @ 55th ST

SW 2nd @ 34th ST

NW 39th @ 43rd

Hull @ 34th St

Univ Ave @ 18th ST

Archer @ 37th BLVD

SW 20th Av @ 62nd Blvd

SW 2nd @ 13th ST

Univ Ave @ 34th ST

NW 39th Ave at I75

Univ Ave @ Waldo Rd

SE Hawthorne RD and 15th ST

SW 13th ST @ 16th Ave

SW 13th ST @ 2nd Ave

NW 13th St @ 23rd Ave

Archer Rd @ 23rd Dr

Archer Rd @ 34th ST

Williston Rd @ 34th ST

Univ Ave @ Main ST

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